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We at Sevafacility have built a solid name as a reliable bed bug treatment service provider in Pune by specializing in Pest Control Service .The term "bed bug" refers to its inclination towards human sleeping quarters, where it hides during the day and comes out to feed on humans. Although their main host is humans, bed bugs can also infest birds, chickens, cages, and rodents, among other species. During their lifetime, female bed bugs can lay up to 200 eggs on average, with a maximum of 12 eggs every day. They can lay up to 5 eggs every day. These tiny white eggs, which are about 1/32 of an inch long, are placed one at a time in crevices or uneven surfaces and held in place with clear cement.

Bed bugs take 21 days at 86°F to 120 days at 65°F to mature from the egg to the adult. Temperatures between 55°F and 59°F are necessary for egg hatching, nymphal development, and adult activity. Adults' heat stress death point is between 111°F and 113°F, and below 61°F they go into semi-hibernation. At 81°F and 70% to 75% relative humidity, nymphs can live for an average of 51 days without drawing blood. Poor nutrition, however, can significantly extend their life span—up to several years. A single bed bug can survive for up to 316 days if it has regular cycles of feeding and reproduction.

Even though the bites are harmless, over 80% of people experience allergic reactions to the saliva of the bug, which can cause swelling that may spread outside the bite site, particularly in those who are extremely sensitive. Although bed bugs have been linked to the possible spread of diseases, there is typically insufficient proof to support this theory.

With expert bed bug treatment and management services available, Sevafacility is your go-to partner for Pest Control Services in Pune . Our knowledgeable staff guarantees complete pest eradication, giving your house or place of work a secure and comfortable atmosphere. For dependable and efficient Pest Control Solutions catered to your requirements, rely on Sevafacility.

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