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Terms & Conditions of the contract are as follows.

- Seva Facility will carry out the pest control, fumigation and sanitization services with approved pesticides as per service and frequencies agreed by customer as per PO/work order signed by customer. Customer will make payment to Seva Facility as per agreement/PO/work order signed.

- Non-payments/delayed payments beyond acceptable credit period will attract interest charges@18% per annum. Customer agrees and covenants that, he/she/it has read, understands and verified the terms and conditions of services offered by Seva Facility and upon signing this document, no dispute, complaint, differences in respect of these terms and conditions shall be entertained by Seva Facility.

- Seva Facility does not guarantee elimination of pests temporarily or permanently through its services. Pests are ubiquitous and may regenerate due to different reasons, within structure treated. Pests may also enter structure from outside or from vicinity.

- On receipt of PO/work order/intimation by mail from customer, Seva Facility shall indicate the reasonable period required for initiating service and completing service. If there is any delay in services due to factors beyond of Seva Facility control, Seva Facility shall not take responsibility for any damage/loss to the customer due to delay in services

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